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Past Blogs

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July! I always view this Holiday is [...]

Windows Hello

Log in with Windows Hello to make things simple! You [...]

Zelle Fraud

The latest craze in trying to steal your money is [...]

Health Apps

What you want to look for in health apps and wearable [...]

Tier3MD Services

Tier3MD services change constantly due to the changes in technology, [...]

The Right EMR

At this point, does your practice have the right EMR? Please [...]


Deepfake videos are becoming more and more popular on social [...]

Hackers Tricks

Hackers tricks are becoming more and more sophisticated and complex, [...]

Is Your EHR Worth It?

Digitization is significantly changing the way healthcare organizations deliver care [...]

Are you ready for Windows 11? In the next 6 [...]

Moving Back In

As people are getting vaccinated and more businesses are opening [...]

Tech Savvy Kids

Anyone who had teenagers have experienced tech savvy kids! I [...]

Tips 13-16

Here are tips 13 - 16 for cybersecurity month. These [...]

Back to Work!

Have you been working from home during this unprecedented Covid-19 [...]

Junk Email

Are you tired of junk email? I decided the other [...]

More Breaches

Each week, there are more and more breaches. I just [...]

One Mistake

Don’t Let Your IT Company Make This One Mistake With [...]

VOIP Phishing

You may have noticed more and more VOIP Phishing has [...]

Guest WiFi

Do you offer guest Wi-Fi in your medical oractuce?? Today, [...]

Forming Tier3MD People often ask how Tier3MD started. Well, I openly [...]

Venmo Attack

I am hearing that the latest phishing attack has Venmo [...]

iPhone 11

Here we are, up to iPhone 11. Is it worth [...]

Take Action!

It is time to take action on your network. The [...]

Step Further

When talking about the security of your network, it's time [...]

Email Security

Have you implemented any email security? Are you taking your [...]

Hiring an MSSP

Don't need outsourced IT support? Happy with your in-house IT [...]

iPad Security

  More and more offices are using iPads. Have you [...]

Measuring Money

Measuring money in your medical practice is something you should [...]

Message Center

Message Center. Whenever you see this, do NOT click or [...]

SSN Scam

I received the SSN scam today. I seriously cannot believe [...]

Office Moves

Office moves can be very stressful if not planned properly. [...]

Android Malware

Android Malware Could Access Your Pictures And Calls Android users [...]

Fax Machines

Fax Machines Might Be Gateway To Next Hacker Attack Nothing [...]

Dear Reddit User

Dear Reddit User, it's time to change your password. According [...]

Save The Date!

October 19, 2018! Tier3MD is working with the Georgia Breast [...]

Back to Work

Here we are, August 3rd, 2018. Time to get back [...]

GDPR Audits

Through its sister company Discovery Computers and Forensics, Tier3MD will [...]


Another thing we need to worry about. Hactivism. No, it's [...]


Owners of Apple devices have a new attack vector to [...]

Group FaceTime

Apple users are getting group FaceTime! Apple's millions of users [...]

Amazon Show

Have you considered using Amazon Show in your practice? I [...]


Firewalls are something that I don't talk about enough. They [...]

Kids Love Youtube

Shocker! Kids love Youtube! Actually...I love youtube! I actually learned [...]

MIPS 101

MIPS 101 is really just a quick overview of what [...]


Do you have any experience with the Microsoft Hololens? 2 [...]

Mac or PC?

  If there is one question I get constantly, it's [...]

Tim Hortons

Oh no!! Not Tim Hortons! For those of you who [...]

Meet Tier3MD!

Every once in a while, I like to introduce ourselves [...]


  Surveys are extremely important in the service business. Every [...]

Social Media

I think at this point, everyone has some type of [...]

Spear Phishing

  Beware of spear phishing scams! For those that don't [...]

Good Backups

Good backups are priceless. I had a client this weekend [...]

2018 Plans

Have you started thinking about your 2018 plans? I started [...]


How many times have you heard the 3 letters, IoT? [...]

NIST 800-181

NIST, the National Institute of Standards and Technology has issued [...]

Your Website

Your website is your best marketing tool. If you do [...]

Learn Coding

All my computer life I have wanted to learn coding. [...]

HIPAA Enforcement

Who enforces HIPAA? The HIPAA Enforcement Rule contains provisions relating to [...]

Breach Causes

There are numerous breach causes that you need to make [...]


I just wanted to do a quick blog on how [...]


This past weekend, and today, the ransomware attack WannaCry has [...]

Disposing ePHI

When disposing ePHI, the HIPAA privacy and security law have [...]

Tier3MD News!

I'm back! Finally have a chance to breathe! 2017 has [...]