Did you know that your MSP has a partner? Your MSP (managed service provider) should have many partners! Tier3MD and Discovery Computers and Forensics prides itself on the many partners they have in order to provide better service to you, our valued client.

Your MSP Has a Partner

One of the main reasons your MSP has a partner is to provide better pricing to you. At Tier3MD and Discovery Computers and Forensics, we buy in volume so we can pass that discount onto you. We have many, many clients and when we buy in bulk, we pass that savings onto you.

Another reason we have partners is because most vendors work in a “channel”. They do not sell directly to the consumer and will only sell to managed service providers who pass that product onto you. Some of our trusted partners are:






And many, many more.


The Single IT Person

If you have a single IT person, you may not get the benefits of an MSP purchasing licenses and products at a volume for you to purchase. We are constantly setting up new partnerships in order to get he best pricing. We want to get you the best price on Office 365, Dell computers, Cisco switches and firewalls, off-site backup products and more. It’s our job to find you better pricing. Unfortunately, the single IT person may not be able to obtain a channel partnership.

If you would like to talk to Tier3MD about pricing, contact us at 855-698-4373