Need an IT Department? Need one but it’s too expensive? Need an IT department but not full time? For these reasons, Tier3MD formed an IT support business in 2005. We are geared towards practices that need an IT department, but are not large enough to justify the expense of a full time IT staff.

With Tier3MD’s IT support services, you get every level of IT support, at a fraction of what a full time IT person would cost you. For example, A good CIO could cost you anywhere from $90K – $150K. A midsize IT Administrator will run you about $80K, and so on. For one low price, Tier3MD provides every level for you. Need CIO services? A meeting with our CIO is included. Need someone to install 5 PC’s, no problem, our fields services will be right out. Have a quick question? Call our helpdesk.

In 2005, we saw a real need to provide IT support systems to practices that did not need a full staff. With EMR’s being installed, HIPAA laws and the Cloud, we knew practices of all sizes needed good, solid IT support that available with one simple phone call. The cost is minimal compared to what you would pay on your own. Our model is to support the practice at every level.

In October, 2015, Tier3MD proudly celebrated it’s 10th anniversary. Need an IT department? Call us!



Tier3MD only supports the medical industry. For more information, contact us at