Does is feel like your smart phone battery lasts you about 3 hours? They progressively get worse and worse. I’ve carried Mophie’s, Lit batteries, power packs, etc. I’m over it. I need to know that if I am away from a charger for a day that I can still depend on my phone without carrying loads of extra battery power. Below are 4 tips that can help you keep your smart phone battery from letting you down.

  1. Draining the battery – years ago we were told to “cycle” the battery. Let it drain, recharge it, let it drain, recharge it. Nowadays, the best way to get the maximum from your battery is to let it run down to 50%, then charge it up again. You can drain the battery once a month for level calibrations, however done more frequently can actually shorten the life of the battery.
  2. Never use your battery when it is drained below 10%. A smartphone should never go down to zero percent. Have you ever been talking to someone who says, “my cell phone is about to die”? These are the people with short batter life!
  3. Never charge to 100% No need to leave your phone in the charger overnight. Strive to maintain 40% to 80% batter life. Ideally, you should charge the phone at around 20% and let it run to about 80%. These fancy smart phone batteries are not like they used to be :)
  4. Keep the phone in a cool place. Like most electronics, a smart phone battery works best if it is kept at a cool room temperature. Litium Ion batteries hate the hot weather. You never want to leave the phone in your car on a hot summer day.

Hopefully, these few tips will help you extend the life of your smart phone battery.