Threats to endpoint security are becoming more and more common in the medical community. With increased IT mobility and more BYOD work environments, managing endpoint security has become a challenge for many practices. If left unregulated, any one of your employees could compromise sensitive patient and employee data, either by exposure to malware, general carelessness or one of these other top threats to endpoint security


  1. Negligent or careless employees who do not follow security policies. This threat ranks up there at 81%.
  2. The number of employees using multiple mobile devices in the workplace has increased. The ranking of this threat is at 61%.
  3. There are more personal devices connected to your network. (BYOD). Cell phones and ipads fall into this category and make up 56% of the risk factors.
  4. Malware infections are more stealthy and difficult to detect. This also ranks at 56%. Defending this has become increasingly difficult.
  5. The number of insecure mobile devices in the workplace has increased significantly. This stands right at 50%.

These are high percentages when it comes to managing your network. It is important to have policies in place for network testing to be completed on a regular basis. Also important is staff training. The staff needs to be aware of how they can innocently hurt your network. Implementing policies, training staff, and having a good disaster recovery plan in place is the best you can do.