Do you have an outsourced IT department? Do you know how to utilize your healthcare IT provider? There is much more to your healthcare IT provider than you may be aware of. Below are 5 tips to to show you how to utilize your healthcare IT provider.


1. Look at them as your IT partner, not just people you call when you lose a word document, or the internet is down. They have extensive knowledge and experience on working with healthcare practices, and can offer up some surprising insight.

2. “Pick their brains”. Tell your IT folks, “hey, I am doing this on paper. Do you know of an easier way? Is there any software out there, or an app for my phone that can help me?”

3. Let them know what you are spending. How much is your phone bill? How much did you pay for that new PC they just installed? Like any business, your healthcare IT provider has relationships with all sorts of vendors that can save you money, and get you substantial discounts. Even though your IT company fixes computers, and provides technical support, they still know a good billing company, credentialing company, or even medical transcription company. Medical vendors tend to travel in the same circle.

4. Invite them to your meetings. Having a strategy meeting? Thinking of expanding your business? You want the IT people there in the early stages, so they can help you prepare for what you want to do.

5. Talk about work flow. You would be surprised at how much the IT department has to do with work flow. They can help you coordinate the automation involved in patient care. Let them give you suggestions, and talk to you about what they see from other practices. They know what works. They’ve seen it before. Take advantage of the experience.

Your Healthcare IT provider is much more than just people who you call on the phone. Schedule weekly/monthly meetings, either in person or on the phone. Ask them if there is anything they see that can help you improve your practice. Invite their opinion.

Other Advantages

Don’t forget, your healthcare IT provider will help you negotiate contracts, help you use technology in order to save you money, work with your EMR vendor, and much, much more. Remember as I said earlier, your healthcare IT provider is an extension of your practice. They are your partner. Do not be afraid to use them!