Is it time to overhaul your website? Websites have to stay modern just like it’s content. A website that was designed 10 years ago is most likely different from a website that is designed today. I had our website done in 2013 and have overhauled it twice. I think I am going to overhaul it again for a third time! It’s really important to keep the design and the content as fresh as can be.

Time to Overhaul Your Website?

Google likes new content. If you want to be found on the web, continue to update your pages, provide fresh content, and constantly work on your SEO. Little things matter when it involves your website. Attributes on images, keywords in particular places and the number of characters. They all mean something if you want people to find your website. Let’s not forget about the design. An old website may give off the impression that you do not stay current with technology. Websites are your best marketing tool.

Web Traffic

Have you been checking the traffic of your website? Do you know how many visitors you have and what they are looking at? No sense in creating content that no one is looking at. Hire an SEO (search engine optimization) specialist. It will be the best money you can spend on your practice. Just keep in mind that SEO does not work in a day. It takes months to build and it is constant cultivating. It’s almost a never ending job. Still, with some effort, it will become your best marketing tool by are. So all in all, it is never a bad time to overhaul your website. If you would like help, contact your Tier3MD representative and ask for a quote today!