Are you still working from home? If so, are you ready to go back to the office? Some CEO’s are demanding staff return to the office.

The world’s richest man has had it with this whole working-from-home business. Tesla Inc. Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk sent an email late Tuesday to “Everybody” at his electric-car company, elaborating on an earlier missive to executive staff about the need to be in the office. He wants them there for 40 hours. The first thought is “how dare you!” Does anyone remember the days of going to the office to go to work? It has been like that your whole life and now people are quitting jobs unless they can work from home. What does that mean for the future??

Still Working From Home?

I realize it is convenient but at some point normalcy means coming to work and going home after work. The problem with working from home is the “bad apples”. They spoil it for everyone. They are the ones that go shopping, double dip and play with the kids during work hours. These are the ones who spoil it for the hard workers that can actually product MORE from being at home without disruptions.

More and more employers are enjoying the savings from not having to rent office space. People are saving tons of money on gas, clothes and lunch. Personally, I would like people to continue to work from home but how do we handle the bad apples?