With the hurricane approaching, a lot of people are working from home. For Tier3MD, this means calls to the helpdesk, and tickets placed for VPN support. We are happy to help you, but to make it easy and avoid delays in the future, we would like to help you prior to you trying to connect in. We suggest the following tips:

  1. Contact the Tier3MD helpdesk to set up a time to set up your VPN connection from home.
  2. Test your VPN during the day so we are available to help you if necessary.
  3. When you connect via your VPN connection, make sure you could open all the applications you need, and you can get to all the programs and documents you need to.

I have seen many VPN connections where the user checks to see if they can connect, but do not go any further. Make sure you test everything. You can’t “over” test!

Working From Home

Working from home is very convenient for both you, and your employers. It gives the employees the ability to catch up on things, and work in the comfort of their own home. With today’s applications being cloud based, i.e. various EMR’s, Office 365, etc, a lot can be accomplished when working from home.

If you would like to be set up to work from home, please contact our helpdesk and we can schedule a time and date to get you set up.


Stay safe during Irma!