Cybersecurity month is my favorite! I have Tip #6 Cybersecurity Month for you regarding Social Media. This is a topic everyone should be aware of. It starts so innocent but you really need to be very careful. Especially with the HIPAA laws!

Tip #6 Cybersecurity Month: Don’t overshare on social media

It’s fun to share on social media networks, but beware. Cybercriminals can learn a lot about their victims on social media, such as where you went to school, your pet’s name, and more, and can use that information for social engineering. You don’t want people to know when your on vacation, or bought a new TV, or have a new 2 carat engagement ring! Criminals prey on the information you give them. When you post, make sure only your “friends” list can see what you are posting and post “after” the fact, meaning, “I just had an awesome vacation in the Bahamas.

Spear Phishing is a highly targeted fraudulent attempt directed at a specific individual or company. Unlike most phishing attacks, spear phishing attackers collect and use personal information about their targets to increase the chances that the victim will fall for the scam. When someone over-shares information on Social Media, it makes it that much easier for cyber-criminals to target them.