If I had a quarter for every time I hear “I have an IT guy”, I think I could lay on a beach all day, or take off to Paris. At one point or another, everyone has had an IT guy. He come in when you have a problem and he fixes whatever it is. He installs new PC’s, printers, fixes your internet, cleans viruses, and is an all around good guy. So what’s wrong with that? Nothing. If it works for you…great. But are you missing anything?

Having an IT guy allows you to get your issues resolved. How long does it take for him to get there? For the sake of this article, let’s say he is there the same day. You call him a 8:30am, and he is there at 3:00pm. My guess is before he even gets up in the morning, he has a full day booked. If he doesn’t, he wouldn’t be able to afford being an “IT guy”. So is it realistic to think he can get there in the same day? What happens if he is on a call that he thinks is going to be 30 minutes, and it ends up being 3 hours? From experience, this happens…a lot. Now his whole day is off so he will be with you tomorrow.

How about this scenario…the IT guy is on site with a customer and their server is down. He gets a phone call from another client that they can’t print and it is urgent. What happens? Do you stop working on the down server? I can go on and on about the benefits, and non-benefits of having an IT guy. For the sake of time, I’ll stop here.

With Tier3MD, we are a proactive group with many resources, including a help desk. We have every level engineer and provide antivirus, antispyware and patch management. We are HIPAA certified, and can provide network architecture and design. The beauty of this is…we cost the same, if not LESS than the IT guy. You can have a professional support group at your fingertips for very little.

I know some of you are afraid to let the IT guy go. Well, you don’t have too! We can do the remote monitoring and the help desk and he can continue to go the onsite support. The beauty of Tier3MD is that we are flexible and we play well in the sandbox with others! We work with many IT departments and many IT guys flawlessly. Why not have the best of both worlds?

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