Are you struggling with your HIPAA compliance?

HIPAA compliance may be complex, but it’s a critical issue for many practices and businesses in the healthcare industry. However, many small practices still struggle with becoming or remaining HIPAA compliant due to the reasons listed below.

Your HIPAA compliance can start with…

  1.  Unaware of pending HIPAA audits – unless you are vigilant, you will not be aware of some of the things HHS and OCR are doing, and the HIPAA audits that are coming. The best way to stay on top of this is to read, attend webinars, hire a HIPAA consultant, and attend HIPAA classes and seminars.
  2. No HIPAA Compliance Plan – Have you had a security risk assessment performed? Do you have your HIPAA compliance in place on the privacy side?
  3. Training your Staff – Do you provide yearly HIPAA awareness training? How about training upon hiring?
  4. Policies and Procedures – If you do not have a HIPAA Policy and Procedure manual in place, its not too late to get one. Not only should you have one, you should constantly be updating it, and training the staff on the policies and procedures that we have put in place.
  5. HIPAA Officer – Have you appointed a HIPAA officer for your practice? Who is the person the staff should go to if they fear a HIPAA breach?

If you are struggling with your HIPAA compliance, just these few things will help you get on the right path. Your HIPAA compliance will be an ongoing part of doing business as a medical provider. If you need assistance, please contact Tier3MD.


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Your HIPAA Compliance