Are you looking for medical IT support for your practice? It’s not as easy to find as it was years ago. There were some medical only Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) but it seems now with all the buyouts and mergers it is harder and harder to find medical IT support that focuses on HIPAA and the flow of a medical office. Keep in mind that an MSP can fix any network and most will accept non-medical clients as business is business. Thankfully, Tier3MD has not done that. We focus on medical so that if you are looking for medical IT support, we are the REAL DEAL!

Looking For Medical IT Support?

At Tier3MD we think it is vital to maintain our focus on the medical industry. Providing IT support for medical practices is definitely different than providing support for any type of general business. That is not to say it is more or less important. It is just different. When you focus on the medical industry you can help avoid breaches, keep up on the latest technology and maintain the HIPAA laws that all medical practices must do. Understanding electronic medical records is also important. If we lose our focus on the mission critical software for a medical practice, that could be detrimental in the long run. It is vital we stay focused on what makes a practice run.

If you would like to view the differences between medical IT support and business IT support, click here. You can easily see the differences and why Tier3MD focuses solely on the medical industry. If you are looking for medical IT support, contact Tier3MD today!