Part 1

Do you have an incident response checklist? An attack can happen at anytime and you need to be prepared. I’ve often said in my blogs, the best way to handle a ransomware attack is to prepare for it. I never take the “scare you to death” technique when talking about cybersecurity and I’m not going to start now. Instead, I want to help you get your incident response checklist together. Follow these helpful tips and get started.

Incident Response Checklist

The best way to start is to form roles, responsibilities and a blueprint to getting your network back up and running. Try the following:

Form a Committee

  1.   Determine who is responsible for assessing and monitoring the risk level.
  2.   Make sure you have a HIPAA Security Officer for your practice and have it documented.
  3.  Create the process for reporting the incident, including the timeframe for reporting.
  4.  Assign someone to customer management. You want to make sure the customers understand what is going on.
  5.  Work with your Lawyer and Insurance carrier.

Just getting these few things in place does two things. One, it gets you thinking about what can happen and how to defend against it, and two, it helps get you prepared. You can never be too safe. Especially when it comes to the safety of your patients data, and the integrity of your practice. Come back tomorrow for more ways to help create your incident response checklist.