Here we are, August 3rd, 2018. Time to get back to work! If you are in the South, kids are either back in school, or going back within the next 2 weeks. That means it’s time to get back to work! Historically, June and July have been slow months for practices in the South. Vacations, long weekends, kids activities, and other distractions have consumed us. We hit August and September and it’s time to focus on security assessments, cybersecurity, and managed IT services.

Back to Work

Where to start. For the IT industry, August starts the beginning of the end of the year. Have money you need to spend? That would be the time to purchase new equipment. Applying for government incentives? That would be time to get your security assessment on the calendar. Thinking of tightening up security? You may want training before the end of the year. August is a great time to start. The 4th quarter is the best time to wrap up items that may linger into 2019.


If you have the budget, you may want to start upgrading or replacing your Windows 7 PC’s. Microsoft has stated the end of life is now only 16 months away. You certainly don’t want to wait until the last minute. It is best to have this in place before it becomes a HIPAA emergency. If you would like us to do an assessment on your network to see what needs to be replaced, contact Michael Brown.

As you get back to work, keep in mind that Tier3MD is here to help you! We are partners to our clients and work hard to keep them stable and compliant. Contact us today if you would like to inquire about our services.