As we are heading into 2020, I would like to take a few moments to reflect on the success and failures of Tier3MD. This year, we will be celebrating our 15th anniversary. Pretty good since the changes in technology affect our business in both positive and negative ways. One of our greatest successes is that we have been able to adapt to the market, and keep up or surpass our piers. So much has changed in 15 years don’t you think?

Heading into 2020

In 2005, when Tier3MD was first formed, there were no remote tools, or remote access. You could use PCAnywhere, but the licensing was expensive. Around 2008, 2009, we started seeing a change in the way we supported our clients. We purchased Zenith Infotech, which is now called Continuum. This is one of our main tools in providing support. This was a great expense to us so that we could provide remote support quicker, and bill the clients for 15 minutes instead of an hour, and not charge for travel. A great expense to the company, but a total “must do” for our clients. At Tier3MD, we treat our clients money like our own. If we can save them money, we do it. We have always done it.

Fast forward to around 2010 and HIPAA started to come into our computer lives. Now we had to concentrate on protecting patients private data, and make sure there are plans in place in case something happens. A true wake up call for most our clients. Basically, they learned if you are going to have electronic medical records, you better protect it!

So here we are, heading into 2020 and I already know what Tier3MD will focus on, and spend a great deal of money on. Cyber security. We need to make sure our clients are SAFE. It is amazing to me how challenging it has come to secure a network. Thankfully, we have extensive experience and keep up to date with cyber security on a daily basis. Everything is up for grabs! I know a story a restaurant that was hacked through its fish tank! It was online so the vendor could monitor the ph balance and the aquarium temperature. Who would have thought?? Hackers are after your Ring Doorbell, gift cards and anything else electronic.

As you are heading into 2020, be conscientious of the internet and its dangers. Protect your kids, protect your family and protect everything you have worked for.

Have a very Happy New Year!