Various projects are a huge part of what Tier3MD does for medical practices. When people think about Tier3MD being an outsourced IT group, they sometimes don’t consider IT projects, they just think about IT support and maintenance. Tier3MD has been the “go to” IT support group for medical practices since 2005, and have performed thousands of various projects. We have performed IT projects for our clients, hospitals, prospects, other IT companies and medical specialty groups. IT projects is a huge part of what we do.

What is an IT Project?

You may be wondering what would be considered an IT project. When we quote a practice for IT support, we are including helpdesk services, on-site support, various software such as antivirus, antispyware and ransomware protection. We are quoting you on what you have at that time. We also include patch management and a basic level of HIPAA compliance support. IT projects would fall into the following categories:

Various Projects

  1. Moving to a new location – in some cases, this can be above and beyond your existing IT support and maintenance contract
  2. Migrating to a new EMR. There is not always a project fee for this, but in some cases, there can be.
  3. MIgrating mailboxes from Microsoft Exchange, to Office 365.

These are just some examples of what an IT project would look like. Keep in mind that Tier3MD would never just send you a bill. IT projects need to be discussed, quoted, and agreed upon. If you are in need of any IT projects, let Tier3MD help you!