On June 25, 2015, Bart Segal, the owner of Tri-Med Solutions put on a free workshop for ICD-10 readiness at the Tier3MD Loft in Chamblee, GA. The workshop was attended by practice administrators, Physicians and consultants. Part of the workshop was the ICD-10 readiness assessment. Below, is a simple little test to see if you are ready for October 1, 2015.

There is no score but if you answered “no” to more than you answer “yes” too, your probably not ready for ICD-10!

1. Are you currently using ICD-10 compliant software with the latest patches?

2. Have you identified a person in the practice to champion the transition to ICD-10 and given them the time/resources to champion this cause?

3. Have you secured a line of credit in case your payments are delayed?

4. Is your Billing Staff trained on ICD-10?

5. Have you run a Dx analysis report to identify high volume, high dollar codes?

6. Have you contacted carriers/top payers to make sure they are prepared, and to see what you need to do?

7. Have you done testing with carriers/top payers?

8. Have you replaced your superbill/fee slip and electronically capture ICD/CPT codes?

9. Is your clinical or other staff trained on ICD-10?

10. Are your providers trained on ICD-10?


These are just a few quick questions to help you gauge your readiness. If you need help, contact Tier3MD and we can direct you to the appropriate consultant. Don’t wait too long!