If there is one question I get constantly, it’s Mac or PC? I can never answer it. For me personally, it’s even Steven! I have an iMac, an iPad, and a MacBook Air. No iphone :) I also have a PC, a Dell Latitude, and and android phone. Which one do I like better? Well, it all depends on what I am doing at the time.

Mac or PC?

If I am working with pictures or video, I like the Mac. If I listen to music or surf the web, I like the Mac. When i am working on emails, or a Word document, it’s always a PC. When I talk to my Lead Engineer, his answer is a very quick NO when it’s comes to a Mac. When pressed as to why, his answer is “many of the programs I like to use just don’t integrate well with a Mac”. When I ask the helpdesk staff, their answer is “PC! It just works better”. I asked my sales staff, and the answer was a quick “MAC all they way”! In my opinion, the “techies” like the Mac and the sales staff likes the Mac! Go figure!


If you want to get a computer on a budget, the PC is the way to go. You can get quite a bit of features for the same price you will pay for a Mac. A lot of people don’t want to go to a Mac because there is a learning curve, but I can tell you that you shouldn’t be afraid. The Mac is indeed easier, and more intuitive. Just try it.

A decent Mac should run you around $1200, whereas a decent PC will cost you around $900. If money is no object, the Mac may be a better solution for a beginner, and may also be a good choice for someone creative. The Mac has a lot of built in programs for making movies, editing pictures, making music, etc.

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