One of the most important aspects of our business is customer service. Without our customers, we would not exist!

By Sheryl J. Cherico, CEO

Outstanding Customer Service

Tier3MD customer service starts in house with our own employees. Our employees are highly trained professionals who work together towards one goal. Customer Service. Customer service is not a department in the company. It is a culture that permeates every department in the company and is exemplified by every employee. Often when companies have someone contact them with a problem, they refer them to the customer service department. At Tier3MD, everyone is the customer service department. We don’t pass the problem on to someone else.

Building Customer Relationships

It is important to us at Tier3MD that we develop relationships with our customers. Part of building a strong relationship with our clients is understanding their goal and how we can meet them. To provide the best customer service we must have intimate knowledge of what is going on with our customers. It is also helpful to understand what our customers are doing with their patients and staff. That’s how we can help them make technological improvements to their processes. In order to differentiate ourselves, we need to help our customers improve their ability to provide quality healthcare, by increasing their efficiency and productivity.

We encourage our staff to interact with our clients in order to help make them comfortable to come to us with their IT needs. No matter what the issue is, we want them to feel comfortable talking to us, and asking us for help. We don’t want to be “the IT people”. We want to be your IT partner, and blend in with your staff.

Customer service is a art we are try to perfect every day. In my opinion, we will never get it 100%, or do I want to. This way we will keep trying. Our customers are the most important part of our business, and we make sure the entire staff understands that.


Contributor: Cathy Szymanski