Are you ready for the end of year crunch? Seems funny that I would say “crunch” when we often refer to this time as the “slow time of the year”.

When I say the end of year crunch, I am talking about security assessments, capital investments, purchases, etc. There is also the holiday parties, notes to clients and patients, and days off scheduled for your staff. A lot goes on for such a slow time of year!

Our accountants are busy crunching our numbers and making sure we are all set for 2016. Budgets are being approved, bills are paid, claims are sent out, etc. Practices have converted to ICD-10, and can put that challenge behind them. Ending the year is always fun, yet always stressful.

How about your computers? Anything need to be done with them at the end of the year? You may want to check with your IT staff or Vendor and make sure you are ready to enjoy the new year without any major computer problems.

So…i’ll ask again…are you ready for the end of year crunch? Let’s hope so!