My favorite time of the year! Cyber Monday deals! I love to go to Amazon, or Walmart and see what sales are going on, and what I can buy. Sometimes I find really great deals, and sometimes I wonder how they can even call it a sale!

Cyber Monday Deals

The one thing I see all the time, is that employees love to shop for cyber Monday deals while at work. As an IT person, this makes my skin crawl. With all the viruses, ransomware attacks, malware, etc., the last thing you want your employees doing is shopping for cyber Monday deals during work hours, and on work computers. This is a prime way to not only hurt employee production, but set you up to invite in some sort of cybercrime. They are going to unauthorized websites, putting in credit card numbers, clicking on pop up windows…all the things that make the IT department cringe.

What to do

  1.  Create a cyber policy and honor it all year round.
  2.  Train your staff on what could happen while shopping online.
  3.  Do random internet history checks. You don’t even have to do them, but if they know you will, it may curb the shopping.
  4.  Set up a computer they can surf on during their lunch, that is not on your network.
  5.  Add some type of web filtering to your network. It won’t hurt to monitor behind the scenes. Plus, you can control where they go.

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