I’m a little curious. What would make your EMR better? By now, most practices have an EMR and have been using it for a least one year. As with anything, some like it, some don’t. So let me ask you…what would make your EMR better? Many third party applications have come out to help you with your EMR. There are voice products so you can talk to your EMR. There are interfaces to almost any piece of medical equipment, and there are tons of apps and programs to help make your EMR easier to use. So…what would make your EMR better? In my opinion, they only thing that could make your EMR better, is YOU!

What Would Make Your EMR Better?

I say YOU because you are actually the driving force of your EMR. Whether it’s Epic, Allscripts, NextGen, etc., it is as good as you want it to be. Even to this day, I still see people “fighting” the EMR. They don’t want to add data, or have an extra click or read computer screens while talking to patients. It’s a constant battle. Why do you think other companies are making a fortune developing “add-on’s” to your EMR? Because they know you don’t like it and they are hoping their product can make it a little bit easier for you so you will buy it.

Get On Board

First off, in a practice, they physicians and management team MUST be on board. If they express how much they dislike it, that gives the staff a free pass to hate it too. Once everyone hates it, the practice becomes dysfunctional. Once that happens, patients suffer, revenue suffers and the staff as a whole suffers.

I’ve been to many practices that have totally embraced their EMR,and those that have not. I can honestly tell you that the ones that embrace the technology, are the practices that run smoother, are happier, and definitely much more efficient. So when I ask you what would make your EMR better, just answer “ME”!

Thanks for reading!