Part 2
Incident Response Plan Part 2. Continuing on from the previous blog, the next thing you want to do in your incident response plan is to form an incident management committee. Remember, the best defense is to prepare for an attack.

Incident Response Plan Part 2

Who should be involved in your committee? Well that is up to you. I highly recommend you include your executive team, as well as your legal team.  Getting your Lawyer and insurance carrier on board should be one of the first things you do. Once you have the players identified, define their role in writing and make sure they are clear on their duties. It’s important they understand what is expected of them.

The next thing you want to do is explain how a cybersecurity incident can develop and train them to take the appropriate response that will mitigate the impact on their team.

Identify a forensic team.  Discovery Computers and Forensics can assist you with identifying how the attack happened and how you can prevent it.