What do you think can be considered a successful website? In my opinion, it is one that showcases your practice and gives off the information the user is looking for. It can be your address, patient forms, education and more. Your website says everything about you. Successful websites are far more effective when trying to get new patients or new business. Having an old and outdated website does nothing for you. As a matter of fact, it may hurt you.

Successful Websites

Below are some tips to help you create a successful website.

It’s common knowledge that when people visit websites, first impressions count. Wow your audience by following our tips.

Make a statement with professional photographs

Before site visitors read what’s on your website, they assess it by checking out your images Have a professional photographer come in and take pictures of you, your staff, your waiting room and even your exam rooms. A picture is indeed worth a thousand words, but are those words truly what you want to convey to your audience?

Blurry, outdated, or irrelevant pictures tell your site visitors that you don’t care about their browsing experience. In-house photos are the best option, but stock images shouldn’t cause any problems as long as they are optimized for mobile viewing and relevant to your content.

Help patients find what they want with search tools

If your specialty is what they are looking for, a simple navigation menu ought to help patients find the information they need. That’s why they came to your site. Use good navigation tools. One thing you can do is affix a search bar in your header so that people can use keywords to scour your site. Another way is to engage patients via chat but be very careful not to give out any medical advice! You can preprogram a chatbot to ask questions that narrow down a patients intention, or you can have a live agent address a their concerns in real time.

The more helpful your website is, the more it will foster trust in your practice and make patients are more likely to make an appointment with you.

Extra tip:
Reduce the number of clicks a visitor has to make to achieve their objectives. For instance, eschew using the “Read more” link on product descriptions on product details pages. Visitors dive into a product page because they’re interested in fully learning more about the product, and the “Read more” link just hinders them from doing so.

Present your case clearly with good copywriting

The last thing you want to do is to confuse and frustrate your customers, so it’s important to keep all of your product or service descriptions as straightforward and simple as possible. If what you’re selling has detailed information, such as dimensions or technical requirements, make sure that they’re easy to read and are typed out.

Don’t use screenshots of information tables because web visitors compare offerings by collating information from different sellers. If your information is displayed in the form of an image, you’ll force users to type the info themselves. You’ll immediately lose the ones who don’t want that sort of hassle.

Let patients get to know your practice better in the About Us page

Your brand needs a story behind it that patients can relate to. Every medical practice website should have an About Us page that describes your team, your practicey culture, and what sets you apart from the competition. They especially want to know more about the doctor they are choosing. Make sure you have a good bio of your doctors, including their hobbies, specialities and experience. Whatever their story is, make sure it’s accessible from any page on your site.

Hire Tier3MD to design your website

If your budget is tight, there are DIY site builders specifically geared toward small businesses. Or for a relatively low monthly fee, you can hire a managed website provider. A website provider will take care of:

  • Form – They’ll make your site look impressive on any screen size.
  • Function – The provider will ensure that your site is easy to use and works as expected, whether you’re using a keypad and mouse or just your finger or stylus.
  • Fixes – If something in your site is broken or you want to make changes to it (such as integrating an appointment scheduling app), they will handle it for you.

With more revenue originating online, small- and medium-sized business owners can’t afford to overlook the importance of creating a fully functional website. For more information on building a modern website, call us today!