Tier3MD now offers digital forensics! “We felt that this was the part that was missing from our extensive security offering” says Sheryl Cherico, CEO. “We need to be able to protect our clients, and give them the ability to uncover any malicious software that may be hiding on their network”.

Tier3MD now has a full digital forensic lab, and a Certified Computer Examiner on staff. The services we now offer are:


  • Certified forensic images
  • Searching for digital evidence
  • Expert witness testimony by a Certified Computer Examiner (CCE)
  • Evidence acquisition
  • Digital evidence analysis
  • Tracing emails

What is Digital Forensics?

The search for ESI (electronically stored information) is commonly referred to as digital forensics, ediscovery, e-discovery, computer forensics, cyber forensics, and data discovery. This is the process in which electronic data is sought, located, and secured for the purpose of providing evidence. Data of all types can serve as evidence, including text, images, databases, e-mail, web sites, and even viruses and spyware.

What makes electronic data different from any other form of evidence is the fact that a copy created using the right tools is identical in every way and cannot be disputed. This makes digital forensics evidence stronger and more secure than any other form of forensic science.

Data is everywhere. Computers are only the “tip of the iceberg”. Any storage device could contain crucial evidence. So, a hard drive is always the storage device, right? Well, it’s only one of many different types of storage media. Others include smart/mobile phones, digital cameras, tablets, and more.


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