This is a continuation of the August 12, 2021 blog. Are you applying for cyber insurance? If so, I was able to obtain a few different applications from some of the leading insurance carries. Some have a ransomware supplemental application you especially need to pay attention to. I have listed some of the topics for your review.

Email Security

Below are just some of the questions you will be asked:

  • Do you pre-screen emails for potentially malicious attachments and links? Tier3MD has a solution for this at a very low cost.
  • Have you conducted any type of Phishing training? Can you staff identify a Phishing email? We can provide you with a solid phishing campaign along with Phishing training for all of your staff.
  • Do you use Office 365 and if so, do you use the Office 365 Advanced Threat Protections?

Internal Security

  • Do you use any type of End Point Protection? Tier3MD has a solution to help you protect your enterprise.
  • Do you use 2FA (2 factor authentication) or MFA (multifactor authentication) for email, websites and anything else you need to keep secure? This is normally a free service that needs to be turned on by your managed service provider or IT staff.
  • Do you perform a yearly security risk assessment?
  • Do you perform vulnerability scans?
  • Do you have a password management software?

Back Up and Recovery

  • Are your backups encrypted?
  • Are your backups tested and reviewed on a regular basis?
  • Are backups sent off-site?

These are just a few questions you will be asked when applying for cyber insurance or ransomware protection. They will also ask you to list all the steps you are taking to secure your network. If you need help with your cyber insurance, contact us today.