EMR ensures proper care throughout the provider’s clinic by documenting a patient’s medical history, diagnosis, tests, and treatment comprehensively and accurately. EMR allows effective communication and coordination among members of a healthcare team for optimal patient care

Tier3MD provides EMR support services for practices that need help with their EMR, or are implementing a new EMR. Our experience included implementation assistance, hardware implementation and support and help with your practice management system. We not replace your EMR support contract, we work WITH your EMR vendor. Below is a partial list of EMR vendors we currently work with.

EMR Vendors


Amazing Charts


eClinical Works






Versa Suite




Practice Partner

Chart Logic

and many more…

How we Help

Tier3MD has extensive experience with assisting practices with EMR support services. First and foremost, we make sure your network is working properly. We don’t want your EMR trainer on site and have network issue, printing issues, or internet issues. A stable network is the first step. Next, we make sure the software works efficiently and properly. You don’t want latency issues, or computers freezing up. We make sure that we are there during your implementation so that these issues could be avoided.

If you are replacing your EMR, implementing your EMR, or just need a little help, contact us today!