If you haven’t started to think about this years security assessment, let me remind you…it’s time to start thinking about your security assessment! Get on the schedule asap! The assessments are getting more complex, more comprehensive and taking more time to do. Because of this, they take much longer than they have in the past.

Start Thinking About Your Security Assessment

It is beneficial to start getting things in order now rather than later. Start going through your active directory and removing any users and computers that are not active. Make sure you antivirus is up to date and that your workstations have no PHI on them. Getting all that out of the way will help you have a much better assessment and less work to do after the assessment.


The assessment is not a punishment. If you find things wrong, it is ok! You are now aware of it and can fix it. It’s like getting a check up. Don’t be afraid of what the assessor will find. Be thankful you have the opportunity to fix it before it becomes problematic.

Tier3MD can perform your assessment but you need to contact the office as soon as possible to get on the schedule.

Hope to hear from you soon!