Many practices break HIPPA codes without even knowing. However, there is an easy solution to following the compliance guidelines: Tier3MD. At Tier3MD, we are a healthcare IT company that works with practices large and small to help them become more efficient and cost effective in their IT development. Instead of having an IT employee on your payroll, allow Tier3MD to work on your IT needs off-site, when you need saving you time, money, and space.

Tier3MD’s hosting allows practices to assess their needs for completing the HIPAA standards for healthcare practices. Our cloud hosting uses various forms of internet protection, surpassing HIPAA standards for patient information security. By utilizing 24/7 monitoring, SSL certifications, extensive encryption, and redundant backups we are protecting your patient files via cutting edge technology in internet security.

Additional HIPAA Compliant Services

In addition to our HIPAA compliant hosting, we offer services ensuring that all aspects of your practice have met HIPAA standards. We have assessments to analyze your practice based on how close you are to meeting HIPAA standards. We then provide solutions for potential shortcomings, such as creating disaster recovery plans and business continuity plans, personalized for your practice.

We also provide educational solutions for your practice so that your staff stays up to date with the newest HIPAA regulations. Our lunch and learn training provides your staff with a 30 minute presentation during their lunch break, allowing the practice to continue its daily routine undisturbed while still following HIPAA regulations.

Other services include hard drive destruction, off site backups, and on-going network monitoring and support.

Find out more about Tier3MD’s HIPPA Compliant Hosting

Tier3MD has experience working with all different types of practices, from Family Medicine to Ear, Nose and Throat specialties—we understand the IT needs of all medical practices. Because our team members are knowledgeable about medical IT support and HIPAA compliance standards, we encourage you to contact us if you have questions about HIPAA regulations and how they may affect your practice.

Contact Tier3MD at 855-MYTIER3 (855-698-4373) or fill out our online contact form to find out more about how we can assist you on how to make sure your practice is HIPPA compliant.