Desktop as a service (DaaS) is an increasingly effective business solution. Providers are continually looking for new ways to manage devices, while facing a growing number of data security concerns and threats. With Desktop as a service the deployment and management of your desktop environment is simplified and easy to use. Data and applications, even your EMR, is accessed through a centrally managed virtual environment, which means easy maintenance and support to keep your practice running smoothly.


When moving to a virtual environment, organizations experience a 52% lower cost with improved IT productivity through proactive management practices. (-IDC Whitepaper, 2015). The convenience of the virtual desktop is not only quick maintenance and recovery, but better security and protection. Securing one environment is much easier than securing 250 desktops, and allows users the flexibility to choose between working on their desktop, or mobile device, while keeping the same work environment.

Accessing applications, printing, creating documents, etc. is so much easier to manage with desktop as a service. As a user, I think you will find this efficient, cost effective and the best way to set up your practice.

DaaS is one of the most advanced technology solutions for a health care business since it considerably reduces the risks of security breaches, and it’s simply cost-effective. This cloud solution also provides easy scalability and flexibility in terms of integrating new technology.

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