It’s been many years since most practices have implemented an EMR, yet we are still talking about EMR’s and the benefits they bring. At Tier3MD, we have been in hundreds, if not thousands of medical practices and I would be hard pressed to find a medical practice that has not implemented an EMR. I think at this point, everyone has realized the benefits and are well aware of how an EMR can help your medical practice. Let me state the obvious!

Lower Cost

Implementing an EMR has definitely assisted in lowering costs for medical practices. Just think of how much is saved with dictation alone. Most are now hosted and some are even web based. That definitely lowers your cost for hardware and a heavy infrastructure. Just think of the paper you are not using and filing that is not being done. That is a huge savings!

Better Record Keeping

Speaking of filing, the record keeping is MUCH more efficient and accurate. Just think about what happens to a piece of paper that is filed in the wrong chart. It’s pretty much gone for years, or even gone forever. You don’t need a medical records physical space anymore and your record keeping is much more scalable.

Better Treatment

Everything is much more efficient from the check-in process to the exam to the check-out process. Doctors and medical staff are able to have the records in front of them in a matter of seconds from where every they are whether it be at home, vacation, or in Starbucks! The entire workflow is so much easier and of course, that transfers over to more efficient quality patient care.

So here we are, still talking about EMR’s. The best part is that this isn’t a conversation I have to convince the Doctors to do. It is pretty clear that EMR’s are here to stay and the benefits far outweigh the costs.

If you do not have an EMR yet, what are you waiting for?? Suggestions: Allscripts, Nextgen, eClinicalworks, just to name a few!



Still Talking About EMR’s