Do you currently use a help desk of any kind? Have you ever thought of the value of a helpdesk? In reality, most people don’t really enjoy calling the help desk, but if you think about it, the value of a help desk is enormous.

The perception is the helpdesk is made up with low level techs. They don’t write code, run cables, install firewalls, etc. This is so far from the truth. The helpdesk is the key component to providing swift, efficient technical support. They are the first point of contact with the user base. They know what questions to ask, they understand your frustration, and they more than likely resolve your issue. If they can’t resolve it themselves, they understand how to route the ticket in order for it to get resolved on a timely basis.

At Tier3MD, our help desk is the key to us providing excellent customer service. Every time I am out in the field visiting customers, I always hear compliments about our help desk. Each customer has their favorite help desk person or two, and feels very comfortable speaking with anyone who answers.

The value of a helpdesk goes far beyond the support they do for the customer when talking to them on the phone. It is the helpdesk efficiency that keeps customers happy, and keeps them staying with our support services. They are the ones we all depend on, and the ones we can always count on to be there when we need them.

I am very happy and proud of the help desk at Tier3MD. Helpdesk…this one’s for you!