Are you finished upgrading yet? Have you done both Windows 7 and Windows 2008 server? I truly hate this for my clients. I hate that you have to spend money on upgrades, but I understand why Microsoft has to do it. At some point, they have to stop supporting old equipment. As a Managed Service Provider I somewhat appreciate it as i have had my staff constantly supporting old equipment and believe me…it’s not fun. I once had a client that refused to purchase a new phone system. The old one was completely out of warranty and no parts were available. Whenever it broke, they called us and wanted it fixed immediately. I appreciate the fact they think we can do everything, but some things are just out of our control!

Windows 2008

We have been able to upgrade our clients at the best prices possible. The killer is the 2008 upgrades. We have to pay for Microsoft licensing, which is completely out of our control. Depending on how many users you have, it could be very expensive. Around $2000 for the licensing and another $139 per CAL (Client Access License). You can transfer some of your licenses, but it is still going to cost you. Sorry.

Do it NOW!

If you have not upgraded, please do it now!! We need the time to get things ordered, planned, installed and migrated! Try not to wait until the last day!

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