I don’t like to harp on my clients but a question that always comes up is “How important is disaster recovery?” My answer is always the same…VERY! Unfortunately, most practices don’t concern themselves with disaster recovery until its too late. The value of preparing for a disaster is grossly underestimated. According the us US Census Bureau research, 93% of companies (not just medical practices) that lost their data for 10 days or more filed for bankruptcy withon one year of a disaster; and 50% filed for bankruptcy immediately. Staggering right? The research also determined that 56% of organizations in North America don’t have a tested disaster recovery plan. Do you have one? If so, will it work, and has it been tested?


Let’s face it – things happen. Servers kick the bucket. Mother Nature wreaks havoc. And, yes, sometimes the data you thought you were backing up isn’t actually backing up at all. Like Murphy’s Law, if it can go wrong, sometimes it will.

Whatever the circumstance, data is the engine that powers most practices. Perhaps, it is your practices most important asset. And, losing that data permanently – or even temporarily – can destroy your practice through the inability to see patients, loss of critical medical records or failure to deliver quality patient care.

At Tier3MD, we work with you, the client to make sure you have a solid disaster recovery plan in place. Whether it be virtualization, data backups, etc., we make sure you are covered. We partner with leading storage providers like Zerto and Storagecraft to make sure you data is replicated when needed.


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