Are your kids back to school? Do you have any college students? Here in the South, kids go back to school in early August as opposed to early September in the North. If you kids are back to school, I have a few different gadgets I thought you might like to send them off with. Technology is a blast and using if for schools is becoming more the norm.



  1. ¬†Amazon Echo Dot – 3rd Generation – Amazon’s dot is the perfect compact size for the dorm room. The Alexa powered speaker is voice controlled and offers music, news, weather, podcasts and tons more. You just need to make sure Alexa doesn’t do your kids homework for them!
  2. Go-Pro Hero 7 – You may be surprised I put this on the back to school list but kids are going to create many memories and have big moments. This unit is waterproof and voice controlled. Let’s not under estimate the memories the kids will make in College.
  3. Apple Watch Series 4 – Larger display, re-engineered digital crown, cellular call capabilities and ECG on your wrist. Keep your technology close!
  4. Wireless Headphones – Not sure this is a good idea, but some students study really well with sound in their ears. I am one of those people so I highly recommend Apple pods or something similar.
  5. NutriBullet – Lets stay away from cool technology for a minute! We can’t forget about being healthy. Especially when it comes to the hectic hustle and bustle of school. Kids can take their fruit and veggies with them!
  6. Expresso Machine – Need I say more?
  7. Remarkable – I’ve been using one of these for a while. It is an electronic piece of paper. Great for taking notes and filing papers. You can even load documents and mark them up and take notes on them.
  8. Amazon Kindle – Why carry a heavy book bag when you can get everything you need on your kindle? This is a GREAT back to school option.

Back to School

Every year kids can utilize technology more and more. This is always one of my favorite articles to write!