Do you have any experience with the Microsoft Hololens? 2 years ago I had the honor of serving on a panel of women coders, called Codess. Codess was founded by Microsoft as a community for female coders. It is designed to help explore ways to promote gender diversity in the engineering field. While I was on that panel, I met a couple of dynamic women who’s main job was to continue to develop the Hololens. I am especially interested in this because at Tier3MD, we focus on the medical community and it is our job to find technologies that can help.


So what exactly is the Hololens? It’s known as Project Baraboo. It is a pair of mixed reality smartglasses developed and manufactured by Microsoft. It gained popularity for being one of the first computers running the Windows Mixed Reality platform under the Windows 10 operating system. Microsoft Hololens Development Edition is the first fully self-contained, holographic computer, enabling you to interact with high‑definition holograms in your world. It is currently available to developers for $3000, and has not been released to the general public yet. I am curious…have any EMR companies dabbled into the Hololens? How cool would it be to have your X-Ray or CT scan right in front of you when operating on a patient. I just find it fascinating, all the endless possibilities in the medical industry. I have been patiently awaiting its arrival, and it can’t come soon enough. Stay tuned!