Finding a good healthcare IT staff has been the biggest challenge as a healthcare IT provider. I remember once I interviewed a very nice gentleman for a Cardiology client of mine. He was perfect for the part. Great IT experience, well dressed, well spoken and sharp IT skills. At the end of the conversation, just before I was about to offer him the job, I casually mentioned “they have quite a few echo machines that are on the network.” He looked at me somewhat strangely and said, “what is an echo machine”. At that moment, the music stopped playing and I realized there is a significant difference between a healthcare IT staff, and an IT staff. I could not send in an engineer or IT director that did not understand the healthcare community. Keep in mind, I did consider training him, but to send him to a client with no healthcare IT experience, was simply out of the question for me. Tier3MD only focuses on healthcare, so how could I send in someone with no healthcare experience? Needless to say, I didn’t. (I’m sure that guy got a great job somewhere!)

How To Find Your Healthcare IT staff

If I just had an easy answer to that question! Finding a healthcare IT staff is not easy, but it is not as hard as you think. Mostly, I can do a search on the more popular career sites, and mix the words medical and network and come up with a few prospects. There are not as many in-house IT staff members as there used to be, yet alone ones that want to leave. The pickings have become somewhat slim, but there still are some very qualified healthcare IT workers to choose from.

What To Do When You Find Them

Keep them! Treat them like gold! I think you should always treat your staff, any staff, like gold. I never take my staff for granted. I try to give them as much as I can, and keep them happy. It is very important to me that they enjoy their jobs. A miserable job makes for a very unhappy life, and I don’t want anyone who takes the time to work for me, to be miserable. Happy employees + happy lives = happy customers!

Finding a good healthcare IT staff and keeping them is the most important step for the success of Tier3MD. We treat our employees fairly, and respectfully. It ends up as a win-win-win.