Nothing like a beautiful Golden Retriever to help brighten your day! Simon, my Golden is well known around the Tier3MD environment. He is not allowed to come to the office because he is too tall, and steals off of peoples desks. Still, he gets away with quite a bit because he is so handsome.

The Dogs – Simon, Maddie and Sunny

Sometimes I need a break from the always changing IT world. Everyone needs “that place” that is free of stress, work and life in general. For that, I go to my dogs Simon, Maddie and Sunny. You know the old saying…man’s best friend. Well in my case, it’s woman’s best friends, and it is true indeed!

Running an IT company is truly a gift that I am blessed with. Everyday I get to talk to people, help people and work with an amazing bunch of employees. It is such a pleasure to see the relief on the clients face when we have fixed something that has been bugging them, or finding a file they thought was lost. We are lucky in the fact that we get to help. Not all professions can have that feeling. On the other hand, it could be very stressful. Medical offices cannot have any downtime and we totally understand that. We sometimes work under pressure, and we work hard to prevent problems, as well as quickly resolve problems that arise. So…with that said, I need my solace. For that, I have Simon, Maddie and Sunny. My 3 babies!

One of Simon’s favorite things to do is to steal peanut butter, pancake mix, syrup and oatmeal from the lazy-susan. He pushes his big nose, swings it around, and helps himself. Apparently, he favors breakfast as his meal of the day. You will quickly learn that Simon is quiet a character. He is about an inch away from having his own facebook page. I post many, many things on facebook, but when I post Simon, I get hundreds of hits. Go figure.

Maddie is also a Golden Retriever. I rescued her from GRRA in January 2008. She is totally a mommies girl, and is with me at all times. She is beautiful, sweet, and I am very lucky to have her. She loves treats, going for walks, and being cuddled and petted. Sometimes I forget she is a big dog. She thinks she is a lap dog!

Sunny is a Yellow Lab and will be 16 in September! She is still full of spunk and spirit. She still loves her treats, going outside, and being petted. She is very happy, and she loves being around the family. I don’t know how long I will have Sunny, but I cherish everyday she is with us.





Tier3MD is a proud supporter of Lifeline Animal Project.