Tier3MD CEO Sheryl Cherico on TopDocsRADIO

August 12, 2014 – Per Charles Hall at Hyperbaric Physicians: “Tomorrow on TopDocsRADIO I feature Sheryl Cherico of Tier3MD and Sean Yanes of Advanced Vascular Resources, LLC. We’ll hear about how Tier3MD addresses the unique IT issues medical practices face. And we’ll learn more about the variety of diagnostic vascular studies and corrective vascular procedures Advanced Vascular Resources, LLC offers to treat a surprising array of problems related to the circulatory system. Listen here at 2:30pEST: (headline reflects last podcast episode)” Cancer Survivors Discuss Late Effects of Radiation.


Sheryl Cherico is one of the founders of Tier3MD and has been in the medical field since 1984. She is one of the top healthcare consultants in the country, and has been selected to speak at conferences all over the United States.

Tier3MD only supports physician practices and hospitals, and their sole focus is on medical. They also perform HIPAA security risk assessments, as well as network architecture design and assistance with EMR implementation. In partnership with Total Cloud Solutions, Tier3MD has a private cloud to host EMR, off-site backups and legacy applications for our customers. Tier3MD is headquartered in Atlanta, GA and has spread throughout the Southeast.