Greetings from Tier3MD! Although we are still open for business, it has been a while since I have physically seen my customers and staff. Most of our clients have regular business hours which means they are having IT issues and need support. I have to commend my staff as they are working very hard addressing all the tickets and keeping everyone’s systems running smoothly.

What Are The Differences?

Well, for one, we have worked very hard getting our users connected with secure connections from their home. We have worked with them on their home PC’s to make sure they keep the network safe, and they are not having any HIPAA violations. We have quite a few clients in the office working and quite a few outside the office working. We have done on-site visits but only for emergencies. I personally go to the office once or twice a week for packages, mail and to wipe it down in case any of the staff comes by to pick up equipment, parts or other items they may need. There is still plenty of toilet paper there so that is good!

New Normal

My staff works well from home but we really miss the collaboration. It’s so much easier to be able to communicate with each other live than it is to have to instant message them. Talking, listening and over hearing is a big part of providing help desk support. Still, we do our “go to meeting” chats and meet on a regular basis.

We will get through this. I am thankful that we are still open and still working. I have done my part to support restaurants, leave substantial tips, and stay at home. I hope I see you all soon!