Is your practice using 3rd party IT management? If not, you should really consider it. As a managed service provider (MSP) otherwise known as 3rd party IT management, I can give you some very compelling reasons why now is the time.

Protecting ePHI

First off, protecting ePHI has become increasingly difficult. With the digital world we live in, hackers are in full force trying to steal your personal information, identity and health records. IT departments all over the world are constantly scrambling to stay one step ahead of the hackers and thieves. With a break/fix model, staying ahead of the hackers and thieves is extremely difficult.

3rd Party IT Management

Why go with 3rd Party IT Management? May reasons. For one, it’s cheaper than a full time in-house staff. You get many more resources, and proactive maintenance is the main focus. If your IT person goes on vacation, what happens to your practice?” In-house IT is almost becoming outdated.


Break/fix IT is the worst IT support you can have. Why? Simple. Because you call them AFTER you have the problem. It’s too late…the server already crashed, or the ransomware already locked your files, or the virus already hit. Plus, when you need them to come to your office, you need them NOW. Are they sitting around waiting for you to call? I doubt it. They are servicing other emergencies and the odds of them being able to get to you quickly is slim to none. You are going to have to wait. With 3rd party IT management, they have a team of engineers and technicians, and a helpdesk that is ready to serve you.

If you have not considered 3rd party IT management, now is the time. IT is essential, not a luxury. If you treat it as something that is not important, you will quickly find out just how important it really is. Don’t wait for something to happen. There are numerous 3rd party IT management firms. Call Tier3MD Today!