Here we are in 2022, living in a post covid world. I say post covid because the lockdowns are over, and in some places, the masks are over. Unfortunately, covid is here to stay. My question is “how has your practice adjusted to living with covid?”

Post Covid World

What I have noticed the most is people who work from home are continuing to do so. Depending on what type of business you have, it may be acceptable to work from home. Unfortunately, doctors cannot work from home! They can do telemedicine, but most people like to be seen by their doctor.

Something else the post covid world is experiencing is people who quit their jobs and are either on a hiatus or retiring for good. Hopefully, they continue to carry healthcare coverage so they can continue to come to your practice.

Another Thing…

In our current world, we have another “bug” to keep us out of the office. We have the common cold, the flu, pneumonia and now covid. Just another thing to keep us from living a healthy life. The post covid world is adjusting but we still have a long way to go.