Every once in a while I like to post about some fun technology. For a while, I was not having fun with technology because it is my job, and when I get home, I don’t really want to think of technology. That’s why I decided to look into some fun technology, and do a monthly blog on it. This month I want to talk about Rylo, the tiny 360 video camera that allows filmmakers to capture everything around them without the need to frame shots. Sine I am not a professional film maker, this fun technology interests me.

Fun Technology

Rylo captures everything in 360° all around you in beautiful 4K resolution, letting you share vivid and realistic scenes loaded with details. With the Rylo app, you can create a perfectly framed clip from any section of your 360° shot and share a traditional HD video, or fully immersive 360° video.


So how much is this fun technology? Well, you can buy the iphone version on Amazon for $499. Not to bad for hours of fun! I may have to go out and get one!


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