By now, most of you are ready for ICD-10. What happens to those of you who are not? Believe it or not, there are still some practices out there that are not ready. Either they can’t afford it, don’t understand it, or the time just got away. So what happens if you are not ready for ICD-10? On Thursday we will find out.

For one, you won’t get paid. Are you prepared for that? What happens if your software has not been updated to accommodate the new codes? Has your staff been trained on the new codes?


My first suggestion is to get upgraded, and get your staff trained…TODAY. If you plan on staying in business, you need to get this done. My second suggestion is to contract as billing service asap. We can recommend one to you. Hold your claims for a couple of weeks and either get the into your new system, or pass them to the billing service until you can get yourself up to date.

My guess is there are a handful of practices, if any, that are not really prepared for this. We have been talking about this since 2013 and “preparing” in many different ways. I don’t think there is a person on the planet who works in a medical practice and has not been told about this, or who has not heard about it.

If you need help with your ICD-10 on Thursday, you should have a direct line to your software vendor, and your IT department.

Let’s hope this goes smoothly.