Do you use a healthcare only IT company?

Do you have an in-house staff that “understands” your practice? Well if you do, then in a sense, you are using a healthcare IT company, you’re just not declaring it. Using an outsourced healthcare IT company can give you the same benefits, and more.

Tier3MD has only been a healthcare IT company. Nothing else. In order to be successful in this industry, you need one focus, and one focus only. We choose healthcare IT. Because of the vast amount of customers we have, we are entrenched in healthcare IT.

Why should you use a healthcare IT company? The answer is really simple. Because a healthcare IT company understands YOU, a healthcare company. You wouldn’t send a Honda repairman to a BMW shop would you? Ok, so maybe its not that extreme, but you get the picture. A good healthcare IT company will understand every piece of equipment in your practice, not just your PM/EMR. Understanding your diagnostic equipment, transcription, credentialing, ICD-10, HIPAA rules and regulations is a very important part of being a solid healthcare IT company. I wouldn’t expect the group who works on restaurants to understand what is involved in providing IT support to a medical practice or facility.

At Tier3MD, we strive to be the best healthcare IT company on the market. We are constantly keeping up with the latest technology and security. HIPAA is important to your business. Securing you ePHI is important. We know that. ICD-10 is important. Everything you do in your office reflects your ability to see patients. Wouldn’t it be great to have a healthcare IT company that understands this, and can let you focus on what you do best? Seeing patients, and providing quality healthcare.

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