What’s going on? Every once in a while I like to blog about what’s going on in the healthcare industry. It’s almost impossible to keep up with, so today, I am going to post a few “quick hits”. Here’s what’s going on.

  1.  NextGen is eyeing a mobile technology with a $34 million dollar takeover of Entrada. Because of its mobile functionality and integration with clinical systems, Entrada’s system can become an important part of the daily clinical workflow for physicians and other users. This one will be interesting. Let’s keep an eye on it!
  2. ClearDATA get’s an additional $12 million dollars worth of funding for its HIPAA compliant cloud solution. ClearData intends to use the new funding to continue combining technology aspects of the cloud with the compliance, regulatory and security functions that healthcare organizations need.
  3. ONC launches $180,000 health data provenance challenge. The contest is looking for better ways to determine where data has come from, and whether it’s reliable and trustworthy. Sounds good to me!
  4. Watson – I LOVE IBM’s Watson! It was announced last week that Watson will adopt SNOMED CT for use in Watson Health Network. Stay tuned. Watson is very exciting!
  5. HHS – Finally, HHS is moving to the cloud! They would like 30% of their systems in the cloud. Let’s see how that goes ;)

The Healthcare industry always has changes going on. I love the movers and shakers. I enjoy all the new technology, and it is amazing to see how far technology has come.


Thanks for reading!

What’s Going On?

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