No matter how tempting it is…don’t let Microsoft in your computer! Over the last few months, our helpdesk has encountered many phone calls for people that received a very legitimate looking error, that their operating system is corrupt and to call a Microsoft technician. It gives you the phone number, someone answers, and they connect into your computer. This is DANGEROUS! Not only for the fact that it is a virus and scam, but because you have patient information on your computers.

What You Can Do

First off, recognizing that is is not a real threat is the first step in avoiding this very dangerous virus. Microsoft would never want to connect into your computer…especially for free. Calling Microsoft is a process so that fact that they are easily willing to connect into a users PC just doesn’t make sense. They don’t really want to fix your corrupt version of Windows 8.1. That’s why you have Tier3MD, and other IT people you count on for these types of things.

If you do encounter this fake website, it will be hard to exit out of it. Reboot your computer immediately. Please note that it will tell you NOT to reboot, but in fact, that will be your only way out.

Other Microsoft Scams

You will get a phone call with the fraudsters posing as Microsoft technical support personnel. They have even gone as far as to have a 425 area code, which is in the Washington State, Bellevue area which is nearby Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, WA. Once they convince you that your computer was flagged for “serious errors”, they scare you into thinking that you need it fixed asap. They will then get your credit card numbers and the rest is history.

Don’t Feel Bad if You Fall For it.

These people are professionals. They have worked very hard and very precisely to fool you, and prey on innocent people. They leave no stone unturned. They are professional crooks, hackers and thieves. They are aggressive, and will dupe their victims into believing that their computer is infected and they will lose everything. It is nothing more than a sales pitch. Be strong!

If you ever have any questions, contact your IT staff, or IT person. You don’t have to handle this alone. Just be aware.