How do you know when it’s the right time to hire an outsource IT company? There are a few sure signs that will let you know you may need a little more than what you currently have.

Signs it’s Time to Hire

  1.  Your in house IT staff cannot keep up with the demand .- You find that they are not getting to trouble tickets as quickly as they used to.
  2.  Things are not getting done in a timely manner – Projects are put on hold until the resources are available.
  3.  Continuous problems – that same printer is giving you trouble.
  4.  Having a hard time growing – Your equipment is not up to date causing you problems with critical applications.
  5.  No standards and processes in place – Staff members are not sure who to call for trouble tickets or they don’t know the status of existing tickets.
  6.  Security is lacking – staff is allowed to surf the web and go to social media sites.
  7.  You struggle when the IT person/staff member is on vacation. – there is no one to help the users.
  8.  You have no idea how many helpdesk support tickets come in – no ticketing system is in place.
  9.  Your costs have skyrocketed – you are spending more money, but not getting more production out of your IT staff or equipment.
  10.  You have no confidence in your in-house staff – You feel like technology is passing you by.

How Can Outsourcing Help?

  1.  Can easily scale to your practice – Work as a team with more resources than you would hire yourself.
  2.  Provide Antivirus and Antispyware – is included in your support cost.
  3.  Can keep you HIPAA safe – run regular HIPAA assessments, and have a full understanding of HIPAA guidelines and regulations.
  4.  Ticketing system can measure volume – included in support costs, our ticketing system give you access to your tickets and monthly reporting.
  5.  Can work WITH your in-house IT staff to help them keep up – we can work a “hybrid” model where we can take various responsibilities, e.g. your helpdesk, your server maintenance, etc.
  6.  Can provide 24/7/365 system monitoring – included in your monthly support, we monitor patches, antivirus, disk space, utilization and much more on a 24/7/365 basis.
  7.  Can provide off-site backups – with our own cloud infrastructure, we can provide off-site backups (small additional charge)
  8.  Can provide high level CIO services – this is included in your service. We are YOUR IT department.
  9.  Reporting on all your systems and software – included in your monthly support. Reports are provided as requested.
  10. Huge cost savings – because of our advanced tools, we can support your network for a fraction of the cost of an in-house IT staff.


If you have thought about outsourcing, there are many compelling reasons to do it. You don’t have to terminate your existing IT staff. Tier3MD has a full helpdesk that can take the first level of calls to the helpdesk so your IT staff can work on more important issues.

Tier3MD has been in the IT support business since 2005. We ONLY support medical practices. Contact us for more information.