Have you ever thought about your customer service? How is your customer service? Yes, patients are customers. You want to make sure they have a good customer experience. Especially patients due to the stressfulness of being sick and having to come to see their Doctor. The contact we make with the patients either on the phone or in the office is vital to not only them staying with your practice, but for them as a patient. Below are a few tips to good patient-customer service.

How is Your Customer Service?

  1.  Make an always say/never say list. For example, never say, “no we can’t see you.” You may want to say “we can’t see you today but we can see you tomorrow at 11:00am.”
  2.  Train your staff on customer service. Don’t just expect them to know how to treat people. Even if they are great with people, training will only make them stronger.
  3.  Develop good follow up skills. When they leave, ask is there is anything else you can do for them.
  4.  On the phone, refer to them by name at least 2 times if you can.
  5.  Beat them to the greet! Say “how are you doing?” before they do!

These simple tips can enhance your patients experience and help them remain in your practice. It can help you get good Google and Health Grade reviews. Word of mouth is always a good way to find new patients. Good patient-customer service definitely helps with that.

Being friendly and professional goes a long way. It can also help you enjoy your job more. Being happy shows.